To export banners, just click on the "Download" button in the online editor. And choose the settings you want.
  • Image format: jpg / png.
  • Export format: zip / csv / xml.
  • Amount of banners.
  • Randomize. Each time for generation we will take a random string from the data source. Otherwise, we will take from the very beginning from the first and further in turn (1, 2, 3, etc).
  • Unique. We will generate only unique banners, data from the data source will not be repeated. This is relevant when you use INDEX in the dynamic layer settings.
After choosing the necessary settings, you will see how many credits will be debited from your balance, and you can also see how many credits are available in total.
After pressing the "Proceed" button, the task will be sent for generation.
If you generate only 1 banner, then it will immediately download to your computer, if you generate more, the "Downloads" page will open with a list of generations. As soon as the status of the task changes to completed, then you can download the result of the generation or copy the link.