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A project is a virtual container that contains your design layout.
Each project has its name and a preview to make it easier to navigate and find the desired project.
You can perform the following actions on projects:
  • Open the project for editing in the online editor.
  • Duplicate. If, for example, you want to make a similar one based on one project.
  • Based on the project, you can generate the required number of banners.
  • And finally, the project can be deleted.
Settings within the project:
  • Project name.
  • Data source. If the data source is already specified in the project, you always have the opportunity to replace it with another one. If the fields in both data sources have the same names, then everything will be replaced automatically, otherwise you will have to manually select new fields for dynamic layers from the new data source.
  • Canvas size.
  • And background color.