Quick start

Here is an instruction on how to quickly get started with Creative Machine.

Data source

If you have data for banners, then this data must be uploaded into our system. These can be texts or various assets. You can do this later.
Data source is such a table that contains data for banner generation. You can upload this table either from your computer (local) or by URL. We support two formats CSV and XML. CSV is preferred.
It is easy to create such a table in Google Sheets or MS Excel. Or use your product catalog if available.
You can also simply select and upload several images from your computer, then we ourselves will create a table based on these files with the fields: file and file name.


Next, you need to create and configure a project. Specify the name of the project, choose the canvas size, background color, etc.


Now you can choose a ready-made template or create your own design layout. To do this, use the appropriate layers and different settings for each layer.
With the help of dynamic layers, you connect your data from the data source, which will be dynamically displayed on the banner. A dynamic layer can be either text or image.


Once you have a ready-made layout you can generate banners. To do this, press the download button and select the desired generation settings.